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          1. What's New

            Aug 2017: VolX merges with RealVol LLC (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Demand Derivatives Corp.)
            Oct 2016: VolX Launches "Big Data" Risk Solution. News Release.
            May 2015: The SEC approves the listing of RealVol SPY Options on BOX.
            Mar 2015: Daily updates of RealVol SPY Index data are now live. View our tables, gauges, and charts.
            Jan 2015: BOX files rule change with SEC allowing for the listing of RealVol SPY Options
            Sep 2014: BOX Options Exchange signs exclusive license with VolX to list RealVol Options

            25 Jan
            25 Jan
             RealVol EUR/USD Index
            25 Jan
             RealVol 10 Yr Note Index
            25 Jan
             RealVol Crude Oil Index
            25 Jan
             RealVol Gold Index

            The RealVol Concept

            RealVol has developed RealVol™ Instruments and RealVol Indices based on realized volatility as defined by the RealVol Formulas.  Realized volatility measures movement of an underlying asset regardless of direction, and is functionally different than implied volatility metrics.  RealVol Indices focus on 40 key global assets and segregate risk into 40 styles (1,600 in total), encompassing six time frames, five formulas, and two forecasting models. In the future, RealVol Instruments may be listed on a wide variety of underlying assets, as they are designed for every major marketplace:  futures, options, securities, and over-the-counter.

            RealVol Quick Start Guide

             Introductory Video (3 minutes)

             For printable brochures (PDFs):

             RealVol Indices (4 pages)

             RealVol SPY Options (4 pages)

             What is The Volatility Exchange?

             Where do RealVol instruments trade?

             Which RealVol instruments are currently available?

             Which RealVol instruments are coming soon?

            Frequently Asked Questions (Instruments)

            Frequently Asked Questions (Indices)

            RealVol Webinar (1 hour)

             White Paper (35 pages)

            RealVol Instruments

            • RealVol Futures
            • RealVol Futures Options
            • RealVol Options
            • RealVol Swaps

            RealVol Indices

            • VOL™ — Realized Volatility
            • VOV™ — Realized Volatility of Volatility
            • DVOL™ — Overnight/Intraday Realized Volatility
            • VCOR™ — Correlation of the Underlying Asset to its own Realized Volatility
            • VAR™ — Realized Variance
            • RVOL™ — Rough Volatility Forecast
            • HVOL™ — HARK Volatility Forecast

            RealVol Formulas

            • RealVol Daily Formula
            • RealVol Overnight/Intraday Formula
            • RealVol Correlation Formula
            • RealVol Variance Formula
            • RFSV (“Rough Vol”) Forecast Model
            • HARK Forecast Model

            Index Gauges

            1-month RealVol SPY Index. Charts:

            1-month, 1-qtr, and 1-year vol of vol. Charts:

            1-month, 1-qtr, and 1-year correlation. Charts:

            RealVol Announcements

            May 2015:  SEC approves the listing of RealVol SPY Options on BOX.

            Sep 2014: BOX signs agreement with RealVol to become the exclusive provider of RealVol Options on SEC-regulated instruments.

            A pioneering study by Mr. Sixiang Li demonstrates how adding an active long RealVol futures overlay can be beneficial to a buy & hold equity index portfolio. For a 4-page summary click here. For the complete paper, click here.

            more announcements ...

            Coming Events


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